We now offer custom and pre-designed trophies!

Did you want to discuss a custom trophy idea? Contact us and we will work with you on your vision!

Visit our shop for our pre-design trophies and available options. You can also ask about customizing an existing design to meet your needs!

Here is an example of the trophies we made for the Canadian Powerlifiting Union (CPU) 2020 Nationals Powerlifting event March 3-7, Winnipeg MB. Each trophy features a handmade metal bar, cut knurled and polished. Hand textured metal collars. Resin barbell plates, Bar is Loaded 25 Kg plates, and a custom CPU Nats 2020 for plate for the outside. Each base is custom made, painted and has a cloth inlay. Custom trophy plates are sublimated on white metal with event and award information.

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