Fundraising Opportunities

See our current athletes who are fundraising!

We know sports are expensive, we are competitive athletes ourselves. From paying to learn, train, eat healthy, transportation, competing, travel, hotels, membership fees, it all adds up. If you have a special opportunity or competition that you need help raising money for, then we want to help.  And it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a thing! Applications are open to teams and individual athletes.

There are 2 opportunities that we offer.

Indirect Fundraising

This will cost you nothing, but your time and effort. We will give you a coupon code that your followers or supporters can use whenever they purchase from our shop. 10% of the profits will go directly to you. All you have to do is the marketing. Tell your followers/friends/family about our shop and our products, encourage them to support us, and you! This is a win win for both of us, you get fundraising without spending money, this helps to boost our sales and bring awareness to our brand. We believe in our products, we have worked extremely hard to research the materials and make the products by hand. Our goal is quality products that bring meaning and joy.

We will also feature you/your team on our athletes page with your coupon code!

The fine print:
Fundraising is for a limited amount of time, to help raise money for competitions or special events. Athletes/Teams must go through a screening process. Coupon codes cannot be used after the event date, and can be used as early as 8 months before the event. 10% of any returns or refunds we have to do from your sales will be deducted from your fundraising account. If multiple coupon codes for athletes are entered then the 10% will be split among them.

Payments are sent via E-transfer (Canadians only) or PayPal, any fees incurred will be at the athletes expense. Payments will be issued in the beginning of each new month (around the 7th), after accounting has taken place. 

Ready to get started? Apply today!

Direct Fundraising

Want something that represents your team or yourself that you can’t get anywhere else? This is done on a case by case basis, as all of the products are created in a unique way, we can discuss your ideas, logos, amounts, production costs and fundraising profits. There would be a minimum order amount required for each product. We can make the product available on our website, but a minimum order would also be required by you. You would be selling the products yourself after you receive them.

Some great promotional items could be custom keychains, ornaments, hot pads, magnets, wine stoppers, etc. If you have an idea for a custom product, contact us and we can see what we can do! 

No need to apply for a specific event for this, as you are in control of your product ideas. Contact us to discuss your options!


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